British families do not eat lots of potatoes or junk food. In England we enjoy a varied diet. In England we are encouraged to eat healthy food and to cut down on our meat.

We enjoy foods from all around the world and do not eat typical English food every day. We like to eat foods from Mexico, India, and Italy. Our main family meal of the week is on Sunday. We usually eat meat, served with potatoes and vegetables.

Most UK host families will eat their main evening meal between 5pm and 7pm. If we are hungry later on in the evening then we have supper. Supper is usually a hot drink with a sweet snack.

Most host families do have an Internet access, but a few number do not. You could learn if the chosen host family provide internet access or not from their description.

In most cases, you will have to do your own washing and ironing. However, every host family will have a washing machine, iron and ironing board and airing cupboard, and many will have a tumble dryer. They will let you know how and when to use these facilities.

Your host family will provide you with 2 meals a day, breakfast and dinner and you will get your lunch at school.

Once the booking is completed, we will contact you directly to finalize your booking and discuss payment options.

We may offer you a cup of Coffee at our office to discuss various other host families and help you getting the greatest host family experience. We care about your.

Most students have their own bedroom, but if you prefer joining a larger family, you will have the option to choose to share a room.

It's free to join. You can choose to host children, adults, males, or females and will have total control over whom you host, and when.

Joining is easy:

  • Go to the Become a Host Family page and register.
  • Fill in your information such as Name, Email and Phone Number.
  • Click Next and fill in your property information such as Description, Address and Upload photos.
  • Wait our call to finalize your membership with us.